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Andrew Floors , an independent licensed, bonded and insured Flooring Contractor , we offer the finest wood floor installing and refinishing in Georgia. We're highly reccomended and our customers words are saying it all!Click Here For Reviews. We excel through high quality wood floor install, refinishing old hardwood floors, and laying ceramic floors and natural stones.  We have many of our customers coming back and re-use our services (even up to 4four times)  because they know they are dealing with professionals.
    No floor that carries the Andrew Floors name , would be exactly like any other. And every floor would be exactly what the customer wanted, because we listwen. Everything we do is a prototype, every floor is a work of art.
    This is the way how we do it: we discuss materials to be used in each particular case, pro and cons for each situation, costs, time/deadline, and approval. And with each floor and referral, the Andrew Floors name grows stronger. Our network of customers grows larger.

                We offer : Installation , Refinishing , Medallions and Inlays


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